Ionia Area Business and Industry

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The Grand Trunk Depot (still standing) and the Pere Marquette Depot in background.

This hotel was better known as the Bailly House, a four-star for many years.

CallingCalling Cards for Ionia Businesses.

Souvenir of the 1935 World&';s Fair made in Ionia

Catalog page from the Capital Wagon Works of Ionia.

Postcard from the Carten Store - a major Main St. Ionia store for decades.

Label for Clix Stout - one of many popular brews from Ionia.

Sample of the Cooper-Thayer Photo Studio

Dr. Bayard Patent Medicine bottle

Milk Bottle from Dunsmore&';s Dairy

Air Mail Envelope from the dedication of Ionia&';s Airport, 1937

Postcard advertisement for Ionia Wagon Co.

Peschke Lard - just one more product from Ionia!

Butter Crock from G.F. Phelps & Son Grocery

Sly & Chrysler General Delivery operated in Ionia in the early 1900&';s.

Stafford Manufacturing was prominent in the furniture industry... and many others.

WIONposter-cWION Radio promotional poster c.1960 (more info at

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